• Cardio Intervals push your heart rate up, taxes your cardio-vascular system and burns calories.

  • Strength, core and stability training on a customized Pilates Reformer. It burns, tones and promotes lean long muscles.

  • Pump the brakes! We love seeing you. But rest is just as important as the workout and is essential for recovery.

Fitmix News & Notes

1st CLASS $10

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1 Month Unlimited
FITMIX Classes for $179
(New Clients Only)
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Bring a water bottle, a towel and for the Mashup, bring running shoes



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  • Customized Pilates Reformers
  • Precor Treadmills
  • Bumping Stereo
  • Purified Water Fill Station (Bring Your Bottle!)
  • Cubbies for your stuff
  • Dressing Room (No Showers)
  • 2 Parking Spots (Behind the studio, clearly marked)
  • Street Parking (Be aware of the signs)
  • DO NOT PARK on La Brea 7am-9am or 4pm-7pm
  • Customized Pilates Reformers
  • Precor Treadmills
  • Bumping Stereo
  • Purified Water Fill Station (Bring Your Bottle!)
  • Cubbies for your stuff
  • No Dressing Rooms, No Showers
  • Plenty of Parking in Lot Behind Studio

The Trainers


  • Born and raised in Stacyville, IA population: 481
  • Teaching style: Incorporates multiple disciplines, tough but nurturing, passionate but not too serious
  • Loves: Popcorn, coffee, family, yoga and the outdoors
  • Pets: Owns two cats and Wendel the pup
  • The Jams: Music is the soundtrack for her life!
Diana's Class Schedule


  • Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA population: 59,946
  • Teaching style: Multiple disciplines, challenging and encouraging, will push you without breaking you
  • Loves: Music, family, movies, basketball and planks
  • The Jams: Always looking for the next great track
Brian's Class Schedule


  • Born/Raised-Marshfield, MA population: 25,132
  • Teaching style: Friends don't let Friends slack off :)
  • Loves: Yoga, Family, Friends, Donuts and Traveling
  • The Jams: Oldies to Current Hits and everything else in between
Mike's Class Schedule


  • Cali girl. Born in Los Angeles but raised in the Bay Area
  • Teaching style: Incorporates elements from dance background. Challenging, fun, leaving you feeling accomplished & sweaty
  • Loves: Family and friends, dance, her juicer, Paris, chocolate, and wine
  • The Jams: Anything she can be inspired by
Samantha's Class Schedule


  • Born and raised in Norman, OK population: Football
  • Teaching style: Multiple disciplines, make it hurt so good, will push you to edge & have you smiling at the end.
  • Loves: Ice cream, running, fall, shoes, family & brunch
  • The Jams: Let the beat drop
Sarah's Class Schedule


  • Born and raised in the Washington, DC suburbs.
  • Teaching style: Let's get it! Find your inner strength and push your limits.
  • Loves: Family and friends, music, travel, Reiki and good food.
  • The Jams: Anything that makes you groove and has a hard beat.
Andrea's Class Schedule


  • Born & raised in the Bay Area.
  • Teaching style: Staying connected with body and breath empower you to stay with it! You will love it later!
  • Loves: Family, friends, the mountains and Bloody Marys.
  • The Jams: Free loving beats.
Kelci's Class Schedule


  • Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia...the dirty south ;)
  • Teaching style: Incorporates the stretch and strength of her dance background. Challenges you to commit instead of quit, you are always stronger than you think! Slow down, breathe, push your self out of your comfort zone & most importantly enjoy the process!
  • Loves: Animals, family, friends, beach bonfires, green juice, laughing, learning and things that scare her.
  • The Jams: Depends on the day, she likes it all. Anything that makes you want to move!
Kat's Class Schedule


  • Born and raised in Columbus Ohio. Never once tipped a cow.
  • Teaching style: Mind over matter. YES, you can! We're all in it together... stronger than yesterday - Let's get it!
  • Loves: Laughing, loving, hiking, my grumpy doggy, coffee, red wine... and PILATES
  • The Jams: Mad love of musci. Old skool, new school, booty droppin beats!
Amber's Class Schedule


  • Born and raised in Albany, NY. Population: 100,000 ish
  • Teaching style: I will challenge and encourage you to stay in the movement, improve that form, and hold that pose one second longer than you think you can. Thats where the magic lives, thats where the changes happen.
  • Loves: Avocado, my two pitbull mixes, Tucker + Frankie!
  • The Jams: most top 40 jams, a good throwback, maybe some hall + oates, with a sprinkle of hip hop #ilovethe80’s
Heather's Class Schedule


  • Born and raised in Modesto, CA (hella NorCal!)
  • Teaching style: Will push you past your comfort zone in a challenging and safe way.
  • Loves: Omelettes, challenging runs, cappuccinos, iBooks, Christmas movie marathons, yoga pants so soft they feel like butter!
  • The Jams: Not afraid to mix it up! Whatever gets you in the zone and keeps you there. ;)
Noel's Class Schedule


  • Born in the OC, raised in Upland, CA
  • Teaching style: Fun, energetic, and a little sassy, but encouraging =) I'll push you to your limits without killing you.
  • Loves: Food, Harry Potter, food
  • The Jams: Anything and everything
Kim's Class Schedule

The Workout

55 minute group class on customized Pilates Reformers. Strength and endurance training, core and stability activation, full body workout. It burns, tones and promotes lean long muscles.

25 minutes of Cardio Intervals on treadmills. Raises your heart rate, taxes your cardio-vascular system, gets you real sweaty and burns calories. Then hop on our customized Reformers for 30 minutes of Endurance Pilates.

*Options for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced runners



2 FOR 1 Details
FOR MEMBERS: Refer a New Person and you both get One Month Unlimited for $125 each
FOR NEW MEMBERS: Join with a friend and you both get One Month Unlimited for $125 each

1st MONTH $179 For New Members Only


You may cancel classes free of charge 10 hours prior to the scheduled class.
You may not cancel classes within 60 minutes prior to class, this is considered a No-Show.

Unlimited Packages:
If you cancel within 10 hours you will be charged a $15 Late Cancel fee.
If you do not cancel and do not show up you will be charged a $25 No-Show fee.

Class Packs:
Late Cancels and No-Shows will deduct the scheduled class from your pack.

This policy makes scheduling our limited spaces fair for everyone and encourages you to show up!

Private Training


We offer private one on one sessions with our FITMIX trainers. One on one sessions may be right for you if:

  • You have injuries that require special attention
  • You are pre or post natal
  • You want to start slow and get to know the workout
  • You just want our undivided attention
  • Group classes just aren’t your jam

If you are interested in scheduling a one on one session please contact us at info@fitmixstudio.com.

Contact Get in Touch

  • La Brea: 601 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Atwater Village: 3104 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Email: info@fitmixstudio.com