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Fitmix News & Notes

Located in the Heart of Atwater Village

Fitmix Pilates is a challenging, muscle-burning, full body workout that is meant for everybody. We offer 50 minute reformer classes and 25/25 minute treadmill interval plus pilates classes.




3104 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Customized Pilates Reformers
  • Precor Treadmills
  • Bumping Stereo
  • Purified Water Fill Station (Bring Your Bottle!)
  • Cubbies for your stuff
  • No Dressing Rooms, No Showers
  • Plenty of Parking in Lot Behind Studio

The Workout

55 minute group class on customized Pilates Reformers. Strength and endurance training, core and stability activation, full body workout. It burns, tones and promotes lean long muscles.

25 minutes of Cardio Intervals on treadmills. Raises your heart rate, taxes your cardio-vascular system, gets you real sweaty and burns calories. Then hop on our customized Reformers for 30 minutes of Endurance Pilates.

*Options for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced runners



2 FOR 1 Details
FOR MEMBERS: Refer a New Person and you both get One Month Unlimited for $125 each
FOR NEW MEMBERS: Join with a friend and you both get One Month Unlimited for $125 each

1st MONTH $199 For New Members Only

CLASS PACKS All class packs expire 6 months from purchase date


You may cancel classes free of charge 10 hours prior to the scheduled class.
Cancellations ocurring less than 10 hours before class are considered late-cancellations and incur a $15 charge.
No-shows will be charged $25.
If you have a legit emergency right before class just email us to let us know.
This policy is only here to protect the limited spaces available per class. Thanks for your understanding.

Private Training


We offer private one on one sessions with our FITMIX trainers. One on one sessions may be right for you if:

  • You have injuries that require special attention
  • You are pre or post natal
  • You want to start slow and get to know the workout
  • You just want our undivided attention
  • Group classes just aren’t your jam

If you are interested in scheduling a one on one session please contact us at

Contact Get in Touch

  • Atwater Village: 3104 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Email: